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Where to get cheap moving boxes

If you're moving, we all know you're going to need boxes. But do you know where you can get lots of boxes for cheap or free? Did you know there are several options available to you other than paying high prices from expensive moving companies?  Try some of these helpful tips.

If there is a company in your city whose sole existence is to provide cheap moving boxes, call them first. They will be your best bet for a lot of good quality moving boxes with uniform sizes. You may also find new or recycled moving boxes that are cheap if you Google for a company that sells them online. 

Your local grocery store will also have a large supply of boxes at the end of the day. Speak to a manager about taking some off their hands for them. If there is no manager available, speak directly to the stock boy or stock girl. They'd be happy to pass them on to you and not have to break them down themselves. Nothing is cheaper than free!

Ask someone who has just moved to the neighborhood if you might use the boxes they have left over. They're most likely trying to find a place to get rid of them anyway.

Try Craigslist or your local branch of Freecycle for cheap moving boxes. See the resources for links to both sites. There also may be used moving boxes at your local recycling depot (if you're lucky). 

Try to find boxes of a uniform size and shape, if possible. This will make packing your moving truck a lot easier and will provide so much extra space! Also, it might be really handy to find boxes with handles on the sides. Be careful not pack extremely heavy boxes that you cannot lift easily. And be sure to stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top to avoid catastrophe!