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Top 5 Sales Tips for FSBO Home Sellers

Top 5 Sales Tips For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Home Sellers Should Know

You know your home better than anyone else. However, be sure to be careful as to not overwhelm potential buyers with a lot of useless information that they don't care to know. This may put a potential buyer on the defense, and can even turn them off, pushing them from considering your home.

Homes generally sell themselves. Either people like your home, or they don't. People can destroy deals. You must sell yourself as a credible, honest person that people want to deal with.

As a seller, you need to look at things from a buyer's point of view. A buyer may feel that you'll do anything to sell your home, including lying and cheating to get your way. Buyers may not trust you; therefore it's crucial that you establish an ethical relationship.

The buyer needs to feel he or she is safe to do business with you. But how do you establish this trust?

1. Don't exaggerate.

Saying things like: "The house is cool in the summer and warm in the winter" may raise doubt. Everyone knows the temperature inside will change with extreme weather outside. Instead, say "There's an air conditioning system that helps cool the home on hot days." 

Emphasizing what you have to offer is more factual and trustworthy. You don't want to say things that sound like you're trying to cover something up or pushing too hard to make the sale.

Just stick to talking about the facts of your home and answer any questions they may have with honesty. 

2. Don't insult the buyer.

Keep everything strictly on a business/professional level. You're not exactly in this to make friends. You're looking for a buyer for the home you're trying to sell. Whether or not you like the potential buyer should not be a factor on how you deal with them.

For instance: If the buyer says, "that blue in the living room is hideous! It's got to go!" Don't argue over the color choice, just nod and let it go. Everyone has his or her own tastes. Some prospective buyers may be quite rude and blatant in their comments, but as soon as you try to contradict the buyer or argue in your defense, the buyers themselves may feel insulted. 

The bottom line is that an insulted buyer won't want to deal with you. A potential buyer will be lost.

3. Don't hide defects

If there is something wrong with your property, let them know. Hidden problems always come to light sooner or later. Deal with these issues upfront.

4. Don't lie about the Property or the Deal

Why tell the buyer you have a clear title and can close next week if you know you have a lien that is going to take extra time to clear it legally?

Just like defects, lies will sooner or later become obvious. Deal honestly and respectfully and your buyer will be able to do the same in return. 

5. Be calm and confident

Now, since you didn't exaggerate, insult the buyer, hide any defects, or lie to the potential buyers, it is fairly easy to feel calm and confident.

A buyer who trusts you and believes you are acting honorably will want to deal with you. If something goes wrong down the road, the buyer will go the extra mile to help fix the problem or at least be patient while you fix the problem. As a result, your deal will hold together, go a lot smoother, and be far less frustrating for all parties involved.

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