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Top 10 Remodeling projects

By Teresa Opdycke

Remodeling a home keeps a home updated and more efficient.  Upgrading also gives a home added value if selling it may be in the future.  If you're wondering what the top 10 remodeling projects are read on to discover what they are and why.    

1. Kitchen Updates
As the heart of the home, the kitchen gets a lot of use.  It needs to be the most efficient room in the house.  Older homes often lack the advantages of newer homes.  Old cabinetry does not always take advantage of every inch of space and needs replacing.  With so many space saving ideas and concepts for brighter, better storage updating the kitchen just seems the thing to do.  Everything in a kitchen from tiling or wood flooring to lighting comes into play during an update.  A budget defines the scope of the project.   The kitchen is the room most remodeled by homeowners and it's easy to see why.    

2. Replacing Siding
The first thing noticed on a home is the siding.  Siding tells a story of upkeep and appearance.  It can say shabby with peeling paint, misshaped vinyl siding, and dowdy trim.  It can also say bright, clean, and well maintained to every passerby.  Besides the aesthetics, siding is the skin of the house that protects what's inside.  It needs to be water and airtight, keep bugs and pests out, and perform all duties seamlessly.  When the siding goes it's no small thing and must be addressed before damage begins to show inside the home.   

3. Bathroom Updates
Next to the kitchen, people love their bathrooms.  As a place to luxuriate in a hot bath or sing in the shower it's no longer viewed as a place to take care of business and then scamper out.  Enlarging existing bathrooms to accommodate large showers, larger tubs, and double sinks means a general overhaul and plenty of room.  Storage stands at the top of the list for homeowners and it's no different in bathrooms.  Improved storage means a beautifully organized bathroom.   

4. Deck Addition
One of the most popular home improvement projects comes with the great outdoors. For Sale by Owner Homeowners who discover that by adding a deck they increase the square footage of living space grab up hammers and supplies to build decks, both large and small.  Besides adding space, a deck also adds value to a home and provides the perfect entertainment space during the warmer months of the year.  

5. Bathroom Addition
Have you ever had to wait in line for your turn to use the bathroom?  If you have you know how important a bathroom addition can be.  Whether it's added as part of a master bedroom suite or just to lessen the load on the existing bathrooms, do it yourselfers want another bathroom in their homes and are building them to enhance their living space. 

6. Window Replacement
The wind blows around windows and allows precious heat to escape in the winter and hot air to enter in the summer.  Without properly fitted windows a home cannot be efficient and your pocketbook suffers the consequences.  Replacing old windows makes good sense for maintaining a home.  

7. Roofing
The weather lets loose with a downpour and you hear the drip, drip drip of leaking water.  It's time to put a new roof on the old house.  Without a roof the interior would fall into disrepair and more money would be needed to correct all the things that could creep into the house including dampness, mold, and mildew.  Keeping a roof over the house and your head is an absolute must.  

8. Master Bedroom Suite
If something special is going to happen with a bedroom it's probably going to happen for the adults.  A new master bedroom suite is just the ticket.  Families are opting to turn a bedroom into a suite with improved storage, a bathroom, and more floor space.  Bedrooms, not just for sleeping, become mini getaways with all manner of extras.    

9. Basement
One big remodeling project begins beneath the house. Basements tend to be damp, unfriendly places until someone in the family gets the idea that by revamping the basement living space increases.  Basements often become rooms for playing, watching TV, and doing the laundry.  The remodeling usually includes energy saving techniques to make the entire home more efficient.  

10. Sunroom Addition
When the snow flies and sitting outside is no a possibility, a sunroom captures as much light as possible and makes long wintry days brighter.  In the summer when the mosquitoes bite, opening all the windows allows homeowners to continue enjoying the sound of birds singing, the smell of the garden wafting through, and relaxing without annoying pests.  A sunroom adds living space, which hobby carpenters are taking to heart. 

There you have it, a list of ten popular home improvement projects.  It's easy to see what makes each of these 10 so popular.  Most add floor space and all add beauty and function to the home.  Whether it's just for the owners or in order to get top dollar when it's time to sell, homes keep updating and improving with remodeling projects.   

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