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Top 10 Most Popular Counter Top Choices a For Sale By Owner

Pros and Cons

1. Manufactured Stone (Also known as Engineered stone):

Manufactured stone particularly "Ice Stone" is a unique mixture of concrete and glass as is one of the greenest choices you can make in manufactures surfaces (70-75% recycled material). Manufactures stone is available in many different colors and actually offers more color choices than granite. DuPont, Zodiac, Silestone and Cambria Quartz are all quality engineered (manufactured) stone.

Pros: Resistant to staining, scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Cons: It's expensive.


2. Granite: 

This material is often chosen especially when many aren't an issue. It will enhance any kitchen style big or small.

Pros: Holds up to heat, resist staining, will last a lifetime, 2nd hardest rating after diamonds.

Cons: Requires maintenance (sealing), can crack if improperly installed or under pressure. Knives become dull if you cut on the counter top.


3. Soapstone:

Soapstone is a very smooth dark grey natural stone. With regular oiling, it will continue to darken overtime. Modern homes are using this substance for counter and sink material.

Pros: Very durable and stain resistant, not affected by lemon juice or other abrasive substances.

Cons: Require regular maintenance and may crack overtime, expensive.


4. Poured Concrete:

Concrete works great for counter tops that are on an unusual shape, they are usually cast right in the kitchen. They are a great choice because they can be color tinted to match any room décor, and they have very exotic feel.

Pros: Heat resistant, scratch resistant, new decorative finishes, new treatment eliminate cracking.

Cons: Custom work can be costly but still cheaper than the previous 3, porous and needs to be sealed, also water proof.


5. Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel has been in and out of style but they are now on the upswing again. This product offers a contemporary and modern look that gives the kitchen sleek, clean and lines.

Pros: Easy to clean, durable, hot cookware is not a problem, seamless contours.

Cons: You can't cut on stainless steel without causing damage, noisy, may be prone to dents, fabrication is expensive.


6. Wood or Butcher Block:

Wood counter tops offer a natural elegance creating warmth in the kitchen. They are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. They are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. They are an environmentally sound choice, made of hardwoods such as maple and oak.

Pros: Clean smooth finish, easy to clean, can be sanded and resealed. One of the least expensive natural materials you can choose. Will last a lifetime with care and maintenance.

Cons: Will wave overtime, requires sanding, resealing (facelift), susceptible to water and other stains overtime.


7. Ceramic tile:

One of the smartest and affordable choices in the market. The top choice in the average home due to price, color choices, texture and design. A very versatile product.

Pros: Hot pots are not a problem, wide selection of color and design, easy to clean.

Cons: Require grouting with proper seal to be water resistant and avoid collecting debris. Uneven surface, tiles can easily chip or crack, grout can stain.


8. Solid Surface:

Just as the name says these countertops are solid so it's easy to sand out any scuffs or scratches. They are built to specification by companies like Sunstone, Corina or Avonite.

Pros: Wide variety of colors, stain resistant, multi-patterns seamless.

Cons: Prone to staining, vulnerable to hot pans, only moderately expensive.


9. Laminates:

They are made of plastic coated synthetics. Trademarks are as Formica, Novamar and Wilsonart. Pieces are cut to size and finished on the ends.

Pros: Variety of colors, very affordable, easy to maintain, durable.

Cons: Chips and scratches are next to impossible to repair, seams will be visible, and edge finishing can be costly.


10. Marble:

Marble cost a lot but is worth every penny, it looks luxurious and sophisticated. Because of price, this product is rarely used for the entire kitchen. Marble is usually showcases pieces like the island or main counter.

Pros: Heat proof, water proof.

Cons: Porous and needs to be sealed, expensive, requires maintenance as per manufacturer.

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