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Top 10 Home Showing Tips

1. A Friendly Welcome

Greet the potential buyer at the door with a smile and a friendly handshake. Introduce yourself and welcome them in. Buyers don't like to feel as if they are intruding on your privacy so it is your job to encourage them to feel comfortable and at ease while they investigate the attributes of your home.

2. An Inviting Smell

This can be a sensitive area, but every house smells. Some smell good while others don't. Most of the time, the homeowner is unaware of the normal odor of their home. So ensure your home is odor free by cleaning it as good as possible. Empty the garbage, clean with scented cleaners, etc. Ask a friend to take a sniff, honesty will tell you which way to continue. Fresh air is always a good idea. Ventilate your home.

Tip: If there is no time to bake cookies then combine vanilla and water in a baking dish, place it in the oven at 200 degrees half an hour prior to your showing appointment. The aroma will smell like fresh baking. Scented candles work as well, but use soft scents. Stay away from incense and musky aromas.

3. Visuals

Supply the prospective buyer with a feature sheet of your home. Not only does this help with answering questions, it also gives them a reminder of your property when they leave. An informative feature sheet of your home can create a lasting impression a buyer may need to review later.

Also if you have seasonal pictures of your home display them on the kitchen table or counter top. A winter or fall sale does not show the beautiful landscaping a summer sale may supply. Also hidden treasures such as ponds, flowerbeds, etc. may be hidden by snow.

4. Light Up the House

Turn on all the lights including closets and basement areas. If there are gloomy areas or dark corners then add lamps or spot lights.

A well lit atmosphere creates the illusion of a bright and cheery home. Open all curtains and blinds (unless they show an undesirable or negative view).

5. Check the Temperature

Now is not the time to worry about the utility bill, if it is chilly outside, make sure your house temperature is warm and inviting. If it is hot out, turn on the air conditioner for a cooling retreat indoors. You want the temperature inside to be comfortable and give a buyer more of a reason to take their time and linger longer absorbing all the details of your home.

6. Create a Mood

Turn off the television and play soft music. Turn off the ringer on the telephone and answering machine. Without distractions the music is inviting and soothing. If you have a fireplace, light the fire. A warm cozy feeling will fill the room. Water fountains also have a calming effect and help drown out traffic if there is any.

7. Open Doors

Open all doors to other levels of the home as well as all bedroom doors and bathrooms. A buyer does not like to intrude and will not be comfortable opening a closed door simply because they don't know what (or who) to expect on the other side. Let the potential buyer enter each room first. The reason for this is, if you lead the way, you are the first to enter the smaller spaces of your home. You walk into a bedroom and the buyer stops at the door and simply peeks in. You really want it to be the other way around. You already know what your home looks like; so let the buyer see for themselves.

8. Offer a Light Snack

One of the best ways to entice buyers to linger and notice more details of your home is to offer them food. A light snack and coffee are all that is necessary (no need to cater a lunch). Providing small plates, cups, napkins with a friendly smile may provide you a little more time with the buyer and an extra opportunity to make the sale happen.

9. Buyer's Feedback

Ask questions or supply feedback questionnaires. This can be done while the buyer is still in your home or give you a great reason for a follow up call later. Either way a buyer's feedback is a great way to find out what kind of an impression you and your home have made.

10. A Gracious Exit

Even if the buyer is not interested in your home, thank them for coming anyway. Remember they know people and they may recommend your home to one of their friends. People will always appreciate your friendly approach and your great attitude can leave a lasting impression on the buyer.