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Top 10 Design Crimes

1.    Statues on the Front Lawn

Statues just don't belong in the front yard. Unless you have a very grand property, statues will draw attention away from the house. Classic statues are meant to be in town squares and museums. If you like to see them, go see them there!

2.    Large Animal Cages

Your animals are cute, their big bulky cages, however, are not. There is nothing appealing about a large cage or animal pen in the middle of a room. Even if you're not selling, your guests may feel uncomfortable if they are not used to animals. In the end, animal cages are smelly and unappealing, plain and simple.

3.    Big Furniture in Small Rooms

Big furniture can be nice, if it is placed in a room that is big enough to handle it. Don't pack your living room with giant sectionals. Look for less bulky items and more storable seating. You don't always need seating for 15! However, don't under furnish your rooms either. You wouldn't dress yourself in a t-shirt that is three sizes too big and you wouldn't dress yourself in a t-shirt that is three sizes too small, would you? Why would you do that to your home?

4.    Dark & Shocking Colour

The colour can change the whole atmosphere of a room. If your room resembles a photo-finishing studio, then you've gone too far. Try to stick to a neutral palette. Extreme colours and dark shades evoke strong emotions in people and you probably don't want that! You want prospective buyers to feel at comfortable in your home. You don't want their eyes to hurt after looking at your walls!

5.    Carpet in the Kitchen

If you have it, get rid of it. It's just gross. Imagine the disgusting mess that has accumulated from fallen food and spilled liquids. Get that carpet out of there fast!

6.    Floor to Ceiling Woods

Unless we're talking about your cabin in the woods, full-wood walls should be avoided. It's not a smoke house or a sauna. Wainscoting in fine woods can be nice, but you don't want people to feel like they're boxed in. 

7.    Ignoring Nature

Open your walls up to the beautiful scenery around you, if you have it. Make the view the focal point of your room. Don't arrange your furniture so as to ignore the view. Embrace it! Let nature help take your buyer's breath away! 

8.    Are Those Curtains or Bed Sheets?

If your window treatments include any of the following: sheets, towels, flags, throws, or area rugs, you've gone horribly wrong. No matter what you say, you've made your room look cheap. Luckily, there is a way to recover.  Take them down! Buy some nice curtains or blinds! Put them up!

9.    Master Bedroom or Guest Suite?

Does your master bedroom look like a guest room? A buyer wants to feel like he is taking a step up when moving somewhere new. Make your master bedroom as luxurious and as grand as possible. Even if you weren't selling your home, why not treat yourself to the same feeling?

10.    Open Concept Kitchens

Put doors on your cabinets! No matter how well you organize everything in your kitchen, it still won't look that good. Nobody really wants to see the insides of your cupboard