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Tips for Landscaping Your Yard

Maybe you've had enough of your messy back yard, water gathering in pools when it rains, broken paving stones. Maybe it's pristine enough but you're bored with it. Or perhaps you have the exciting prospect of a virgin garden out back. Whatever your reason for thinking about this, here are some tips and ideas to help you make decisions about your landscaping.

-    For a sloping yard, choose a landscaping design on different levels. This solves the problem of water collecting at the bottom of the slope.

-    Bound a patio next to the house with a low wall. This will contain a slightly higher level. You could put in a couple of steps to a pathway leading from it.

-    Arrange some pots on the wall as well as around your patio. Try a collection below the wall in a corner.  Put smaller ones at the front to draw the eye through them and up to the tallest ones on the wall.

-    Leave a gravel-filled gap between paving stones and wall or other boundary. This will aid drainage.

-    Always put a bespoke system next to the house to direct water to the drain-away area.

-    Choose paving stones carefully. Stone has different hues within it so choose in good light conditions. If your house is red brick look for stone with mainly reddish echoes instead of yellow or grey.

-    Decking is another landscaping option. It can hide a multitude of sins and be set at whatever level you require.  You could even add different levels to a flat area.

-    Incorporate curves in your landscaping design instead of using all straight lines. Artist William Hogarth in the 18th century described the S curve as the basis of all great art. This concept is still followed by designers today.

-    Remember to plant the tallest flowers at the back of your borders. Save ground cover for the front edges. Don't forget to consider your color scheme.

-    Use bulky shrubs as dividers. They could also screen off your composting area. Allow for growth and make sure they won't obscure a view you want when they mature.

-    Water features are relaxing and pleasing on the eye and ear. You can have water in the tiniest of yards. 

-    Water pumps don't need to use expensive power sources. A small solar fountain just needs a solar panel placed where it will catch the sun. You can choose from many attractive designs. They include bird baths and cascades as well.

Whatever your budget and however much work you want to do, some of these tips could help you decide just what you want in your landscaping design. You'll be on your way to an even more beautiful back yard.