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Time Saving Cleaning Tips

Time is money, as the old saying goes, and this is certainly no exception for busy families!  If cleaning seems like an endless, overwhelming chore, here are some time- saving tips that will help make your life a little easier.

  • When food spills in your oven, save yourself a lot of time by covering the spill with salt right away.  Once the oven is no longer hot, a moist sponge should clear up the entire mess very easily.
  • Keep a spray bottle of cleaning material and a squeegee within easy reach near the shower.  Ask the members member of your household to quickly spray down and rinse the shower when they have finished using it.  This will cut down on the amount of time it takes when you are ready to clean the bathroom and scour your shower.
  • If you have small children who are not infants but still need you to observe their bath time, double your efforts by cleaning the sink or counter while they play in the tub.
  • When you are doing a general pick-up of the entire house, carry a laundry basket with you as you make your rounds.  If there are items in one room that belong in another, place them in the basket and save yourself extra trips by putting the all items away when you reach the next room.
  • If you are waiting for water to boil or have a few extra minutes of down-time in the kitchen, make good use of it by scrubbing the sink, wiping down the microwave, pulling old items out of the refrigerator, or cleaning the surface of an appliance or two.
  • Empty leftover carbonated drinks into the toilet.  The carbonation helps dissolve grime between cleanings.
  • Utilize your time on the phone by picking up clutter, cleaning a mirror, or emptying the dishwasher as you chat.  This is also a great way to make use of otherwise wasted time when you are put on hold.
  • Keep a basket by the stairs to collect stray odds and ends that end up on the wrong floor.  This way, you can save trips by emptying the basket when you are already on your way up or down the stairs.
  • Boiling a small bowl of water in the microwave before you clean it will make old food pieces much easier to scrub off the inside surfaces.
  • Do a quick, daily sweep of surfaces like tables, counters and desks.  This will help keep clutter from building up and becoming overwhelming.  Also, to help keep clutter at a minimum, make sure everything in your home has a place where it belongs.
  • Always clean a room from top to bottom.  This will keep dirt and dust from dirtying a floor you have already cleaned.

When life gets hectic, cleaning can often fall to the wayside.  However, arming yourself with some good organization and time-saving ideas can help keep mundane chores from piling up.