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The Seller Already has a Home Inspection

There are some sellers who have already invested in a home inspection. When they eventually put the home up for sale, they may offer the existing Inspection Report as part of the sale. The question is: what is the date on the inspection report? If it's fairly current, you may feel it reflects a realistic view of the current condition of the property. But if you have any doubts or questions, or feel the time lapse is too long, you do have other options.

Call the inspection company who did the existing report that the seller is offering. Find out if they are willing to update the report (many companies will depending on the date of the report).

Having the inspection updated will not only put your mind at ease and show an accurate report of the property, it will also be cheaper than an entirely new report being done from scratch.

Seek a new inspection report. If the existing report is outdated and you are unable to have it updated, then a new and current inspection may be in your best interest. The cost may turn out to be the best money you ever spent!