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Selling in the Seasons: Holiday Decorating 101

If you discard the advice you have been given and decide to decorate anyway, keep the decorations to a minimum. When decorating make sure to keep important selling features free and open.

  1. Tone down tree size.
  2. Stack wrapped gifts in one corner.
  3. Use more red than green as red is more emotionally appealing.
  4. Resist hanging banners. Try and use greenery instead.
  5. Use nature pieces as centerpieces. (Pinecone candleholder).
  6. Always make sure candles are not left unattended.
  7. Set a plate of cookies on the counter with festive napkins.
  8. Simmer spicy apple cider on the stove, and set out cups and a ladle.

Tip: If your home didn't sell over the holidays it may be time to give it a rest. Take it off the market for a few weeks then re-list it. By doing this you will ensure that your house is given a fresh new listing. Buyers tend to gravitate toward the newer listing rather than the ones that have sat on the market for months on end.