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Open House Selling Strategies

Conducting an open house is a terrific way to expose your property to many people in a short amount of time.

Although many sellers are reluctant to the idea of hosting an open house, it is a vital part of the marketing process. It is one of the best ways to find a buyer and receive an offer.

Since this process is considered to be of immense importance, it is imperative that you showcase your property properly. Bring your home into its best possible shape. Clean, repair, and present your home to the best of your abilities.

It's mandatory to get the word out to buyers that your home is available and you are conducting an open house.

There are lots of interesting strategies to do this:

1. Open house signs are simply critical when it comes to getting buyers interested as well as directing them to your home.

2. Newspaper ads give details of dates and times as well as directions to your home.

3. Internet ads are an excellent way to let the public know the date and address also.

4. Invitations can be delivered throughout your neighborhood. Many times a neighbor knows of someone who wants to live in the same neighborhood. They may bring you a direct buyer or at least a possibility of a sale.

5. Flyers posted in grocery stores, Laundromats, and community bulletin boards are a great way to advertise for free.


Always remember to have a sign-in sheet at the front door for visitors to write down their name and number. This will allow you to follow up with buyers later. Feedback is imperative to completing a sale.

Make sure you have feature sheets ready to go for prospective buyers to take home with them. This helps keep your property information fresh the buyer's mind and answers many home buying questions such as price, taxes, size, etc.

Do a walkthrough to ensure you have de-personalized the home and put any valuables away for safekeeping.

Have all lights on, TVs off, and have some soft music playing.

Be courteous and smile!