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How to Maintain your Mini-Blinds

Do you have mini blinds in your home? They're a great and inexpensive way to keep your windows covered, but keeping them clean poses something of a challenge. Many people put off cleaning their mini blinds for so long that they have to replace them much more often tan should be necessary. The good news is that keeping your mini blinds clean does not have to be difficult or time consuming, as long as you maintain them on a regular basis.  

Regular Light Cleaning
The more dust that builds up on your mini blinds, the more difficult it will be to get them clean. It's much better to dust your blinds frequently than to put off the chore until there is a significant accumulation. It's much easier to brush away a small amount of dust that hasn't had time to settle than it is to scrub away months of gathered dust. 

Ideally, you should lightly dust your mini blinds whenever you dust your furniture. It'll be easy to remember to take care of this chore if you pair it with something you're already doing, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is to remove dust from blinds if it hasn't been stuck to them for a long time. When you get out your furniture polish and furniture cleaning cloth, pull out your feather duster to use on your blinds. 

Annual Deep Cleaning
Wiping away new dust when you clean the furniture is a great way to get rid of surface dust that gathers on your mini blinds. However, it's still a good idea to deep clean them annually. After making sure that they are free from surface dust, take them down and soak them in soapy water. 

Most people find it easiest to perform this task in the bathtub. Simply fill the tub with water and dish soap and allow the blinds to sit for about half an hour. Rinse them thoroughly and then allow them to dry. Once dry, they'll be ready to hang again, in like-new condition.

Enjoy Your Mini Blinds
By following these simple tips for keeping your mini blinds clean, you'll be able to avoid dealing with the aggravation of trying to scrub off caked on dust periodically. Additionally, you won't have to live in an environment polluted by unnecessary dust that has built up on your blinds. Instead, you'll have attractive and clean window treatments that are both attractive and serviceable.