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Buyers Feedback

One of the most important questions you could ask a buyer after showing your home is "What do you think?"

Many sellers are afraid to ask such a direct questions, but that because they are shy or are they afraid of the answer? Buyer's feedback is essential. Without it, sellers may never know if they are doing things right or wrong.

There are several different questions that can help a seller improve their approach to creating a sale to a prospective buyer, but only the buyers have the answers. So ask!

1.    "What do you think is the best feature of this house?"

Buyers will tell you the truth, but they may make the compliment sound better than they truly feel it should be expressed.

2.    "What do you think is the worst feature of this home?"

Buyers will be truthful here also, but they will probably sugarcoat negative responses. Remember that you asked them so don't get mad.

3.    "How does this home show overall?"

Either they will be honest because the home is fabulous, or they may use weaker comments such as "we liked it" or "not bad". No one wants to offend you, so if you want a more direct answer, you'll need to ask more direct questions. Don't be defensive if they say something you disagree with.

4.    "How does this home compare with others you have viewed?"

This is an open question that allows the buyer to respond beyond yes or not. It will help you learn facts about other homes and how yours measures up.

5.    "What do you think of the price? Would you pay it?"

If the buyer feels the price is too high, ask what price range they would expect to pay for a comparable home like this one. For one, it tells you their price range. For two, the price may be workable in order to create a sale.

6.    "Would your family fit in this home?"

If the buyer starts placing kids in bedrooms, or tells you where their furniture would fit best, you have a seriously interested buyer.

7.    "What would it take for you to buy this home today?"

A bold question will usually bring a direct response. The buyer might just disclose their motivation to buy and explain how your home meets or does not meet their needs or price range.

At this point, either there are workable details to iron out or you may thank your For Sale by Owner buyer for stopping by and move on to the next buyer with a wider scope of information than you had when you started.