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DIY Landscaping Ideas

Most homeowners want a nicely landscaped yard, yet many of these people cannot afford to hire professional landscapers. The solution: take some time to learn how to do it yourself.

A good way to get some good landscaping designs is from the internet or from your local nursery. Usually people who sell plants and gardening tools will give you lots of information about which plants that will do well in your area, what plants need shade or what plants need sunlight. The nursery is also a good place to get your gardening tools to make the job easier and enjoyable. The right tool can make the difference between struggling for hours and getting the job done in minutes.

Some Landscaping Ideas:

- When making landscaping plans keep in mind that you need to work with an existing yard, any changes you make to the yard must blend with the surroundings unless you are planning to do an extreme makeover.

- Keep in mind too that if you don't want to spend most of your time out in the yard, start a low maintenance garden.

- If you have a small area, you may have to consider getting small plants that do not grow fast or big. If you put the fast growing plants in small areas they will restrict the growth of smaller plants and might destroy the nice effect that you are hoping for.

- It is also nice to incorporate small water structure like flowing fountain or a pond to the landscape. Water feature doesn't only add beauty to your garden it also creates calmness and serenity in your yard when done properly.

- You can also add some structure like a gazebo or covered patio to provide shade on very hot days or shelter when it rains. Gazebo and patios are also great for entertaining friends and relatives.

- Set up a trellis to incorporate into your design to create some shape or interest in your yard. It can be a backdrop on your water structure or your flower bed or a way to get vine going around the fence or simple structure to cover up the bottom portion of your deck.

- By considering the size, the overall design and the materials, any additional structure in your landscape will blend well in your yard.