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30 Important Questions For Sale By Owner Buyers Forget to Ask

1. How old is the home?/How long have you lived there?

2. How old are the shingles?

3. Is there any water/fire damage?

4. Does the foundation walls leak or have cracks?

5. Is there wood damage from mold, moisture, or insects?

6. Any problems with the sewer/septic system?

7. Is the sewage system private or public?

8. Is there a septic tank?

9. If so, when was it last serviced or emptied?

10. How much are Property Taxes?

11. How large is this home (sq ft)?

12. Any planned roadways or property changes?

13. Any zoning changes expected?

14. Any noise pollution (traffic, neighbors, planes)?

15. How many names are on the Title?

16. Does this property comply with city bylaws?

17. Any decks or additions built without a permit?

18. Any rented items (security, satellite dish, etc)?

19. Are the appliances included?

20. Are there any warranties or manuals for the appliances?

21. Has the furnace/hot water tank been inspected? How old are they?

22. Were there any upgrades or renovations done?

23. Were wiring upgrades done by a certified electrician?

24. How large is the lot?

25. Is there a Real Property Report? Are you supplying one?

26. Whose fence is this?

27. What are the neighbors like?

28. Are there any other offers on this property at this time?

29. Were there any deaths in the home?

30. Is this house believed to be haunted?

Even though the FSBO seller is not obligated to supply you with a property disclosure statement, they should disclose known problems. Ask as many questions as necessary about the home before you make an offer. Get responses to important questions in writing, that way you have proof of the seller's response.

Be sure to follow up with a home inspection.