I was hesitant to sell my home myself because I didn't know anything about real estate, but with the market dropping, I couldn't afford to pay full commissions. When I received the Sellers Package I read the home sellers guide which showed me how to get REALTORĀ®'s to bring me buyers

I listed my home myself, had an agent bring me offers and still saved $8000 in commissions!!!

Thank you CanadianHomeFind!!

Rob & Sheila McKnight,
Prince George, BC

My home was previously unsuccessfully listed with a couple different local professionals which led to a long period of wasted time and no offers. We had already completely finished building our new home in Kelowna and had not yet sold our home here. We needed our home sold fast!

I had never heard of CanadianHomeFind.com as its a new company and I was a little leery to try it because of that very reason. But the program sounded really good so we tried it.

We found the book to be exactly what they said it was, step by step and helpful with staging and painting decisions we weren't even aware we needed.

It was a good book with good forms and full of really good advice. We learned a lot about the showing instructions and safety issues. There are many other features we used as well including the customer service department, which was really helpful. It does make a difference when you have someone knowledgeable to talk to when you have questions.

Basically what I'm saying is we got our Complete Seller's Package, we followed the program and IT WORKED! We'd recommend it to anyone.

Fred & Liz Osbourne
Grande Prairie, AB


I needed to sell my house myself because I needed every dollar to move to our next home. After reading the Step By Step Sellers Guide that came in my CanadianHomeFind.com sellers package I followed the advice in the book and not only did I sell my home in less time than the average real estate listing, I got more money than the comparable properties in my neighborhood. Thanks CanadianHomeFind.com !!"

Grande Prairie, AB

We bought the CanadianHomeFind Seller's Package because we figured if it didn't offer all we were told it did, we would use the "30 Day Money Back Guarantee" to return it!

When we got the package, we were surprised at how much information was in the Seller's Guide that we had no idea we needed! We did some of the staging and curb appeal tips and our house sold faster than a lot of the homes in my area that were listed with an agent!

This service really does give you all the information you need to sell your house yourself. I saved $11,000 selling my home myself. Thank you CanadianHomeFind!

Renee and Peter Williams,
Red Deer, AB

I had tried a few of the other for sale by owner websites and didn't have any luck selling my home, so I tried CanadianHomeFind after hearing about it from a neighbor. Being able to call and talk to a real person with my questions was exactly what I needed! I sold my home successfully last week- I couldn't have done it without the expert advice from the staff at CanadianHomeFind.

I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone selling your home yourself!

Bruce Caldwell
Vernon, BC




We purchased the CanadianHomeFind Buyer's Guide after we started looking at homes, and thank goodness we read the information before we made the offer on the house we had chosen. The chapter on "How to View Homes" really opened our eyes to warning signs in a home. We called for an inspection, as the book recommends, and, to our horror, discovered wood rot. The repairs alone would be over $30,000 (money we didn't have had we bought the home without this valuable information).
Thanks CanadianHomeFind, you saved us from making a drastic mistake.
P.S. We did find a home we love and will be moving in on Sept 30th.
Marcy McNabb
Halifax, NB

Landlords & Property Managers

My friend told me about CanadianHomeFind.com. She said she uses the website to post her property management rentals. I only had one house to rent, but I looked into it anyway. It only cost me $10 to post my listing for 30 days. The newspaper wanted $5.20 per day, and that's without a picture! There are a lot of vacancies in my area so I was surprised when my house was rented out in less than a week. I didn't even have a For Rent sign in the window yet.

Thank you CanadianHomeFind!
Grande Prairie, AB

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